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Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law

Design IP is dedicated to the practice of intellectual property law.  We offer a full range of intellectual property legal services, including:

  • patents (utility & design), trademarks & copyrights

    • counseling & portfolio management

    • procurement (U.S. & abroad)

    • clearance, infringement & validity studies

    • trade dress, product configuration & packaging

  • trade secrets / unfair competition

  • intellectual property portfolio management

  • licensing & technology transfer

  • IP transactions (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases)

  • intellectual property litigation

We understand that our clients’ intellectual property is an important, and sometimes their most important, business asset.  We work closely with our clients to maximize strength and value in their intellectual property portfolios by:

  • maintaining exacting quality standards for patent and trademark preparation and prosecution

  • prioritizing intellectual property procurement to meet business goals, budgetary constraints and to secure a strong market position

  • developing programs that identify potentially valuable intellectual property assets in the innovation processes

  • monitoring competitors’ intellectual property activities to reduce the risk of unexpected infringement


Industrial Design Expertise

In recent years, how good a product looks has become as important, if not more important, to its success in the marketplace as how well the product works. This trend is especially evident in the field of consumer products. Recognizing this trend, companies are placing an increased emphasis on industrial design and the aesthetic features of products are becoming increasingly valuable intellectual property assets.

We have a unique expertise in the field of intellectual property protection for industrial designs, which enables our clients to make the most of their investment in industrial design.

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